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Redefining Learning

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In this lesson, we will redefine what learning looks like for children with special needs. It’s important to have this framework in order to align our teaching style to them. We will explore the importance of letting natural consequences teach them, how interactive learning can be beneficial and how skills show up spontaneously when having fun without having the pressure.

Below are the videos that illustrate this lesson. Make sure to download the supporting PDF workbook.

Something to ponder: When were the most defining learning times in your life? In the classroom, at a desk with your parents or in real life situations?

Lesson Takeaways

  • Repetition is still necessary, we still need to do ordinary work
  • Let natural consequences teach them in real life
  • As a parent, it’s a choice to let go of the fear and uncertainty of “will my child handle it”
  • Skills show up spontaneously when having fun without the pressure
  • Interactive learning means using day to day tasks like dressing to teach and guide them through it, instead of rushing it and getting to a play and wondering what to do next
  • A child can be learning while also stimming and not be in the typical “focused sitting position”
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