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Lynette Louise

Like so many who work in the field of helping others, Dr. Lynette Louise (often referred to as “The Brain Broad”), found herself in the role of expert while seeking, creating, and discovering behavior and brain science that would help the loved ones in her own life.

As a child, Lynette was seen and treated as “different.” Eventually, after a few misdiagnoses in her youth, she would get a diagnosis of historically – in the past – Asperger’s. In the past because during her lifetime she gathered children with similar challenges and, in helping them grow more balanced, she became more balanced.

By the time Lynette was thirty-five she had birthed two daughters, adopted four toddlers (boys with varying degrees of autism) and gained custody of two troubled teenage girls. She was a single mom with eight children in all. Not only did this mean Lynette had to parent creatively, but it also meant inventing creative careers for herself. Using her innate skills while adding hard to learn new ones, she was able to infuse parenting into her professional life. The entire family flourished.

Soon professionals and parents were seeking her guidance, wanting to know how her family was able to have so many unheard-of successes. Lynette began successfully helping clients around the world by spending an intensive three to five days with them in their homes, teaching behavior and play techniques to entire families, incorporating biofeedback for the brain, and falling in love with communities who had previously struggled to feel loved.

Today Dr. Lynette Louise is an international brain change and behavior expert. An award-winning author, filmmaker, speaker, opinion writer, host, recognized humanitarian, and consultant, Lynette has achieved an expertise that is both scientific and intuitive. Regardless of which hat Lynette is wearing – be it host, therapist, speaker, singer, writer, mom, grandma, or friend – one thing is constant: Lynette teaches in order to help and heal.

Dr. Lynette Louise has a doctorate in bio science and has been doubly board certified in Neurofeedback (BCIA, NTCB).

Louloua Smadi

Louloua Smadi’s love for healing grew out of an admiration she had for her parents. Witnessing the powerful love and care they had for her and her siblings, especially her autistic brother, made an impression. As Louloua’s friendship with her brother matured she recognized the realities of his personal struggle and wanted to help. However, it was when her own brain challenges were guided in healthy ways by Dr. Lynette Louise that Louloua became hooked on helping people heal.

After being impressed by neurofeedback, Lynette became her mentor and, at the suggestion of her mentor, Louloua traveled and trained diversely. During that time her passion grew along with her knowledge, skill, and empathy.

Her learning opened her eyes to the challenges families face when deciding what is worth learning, what meets their standards in care and values, and what will ultimately help them in their unique situations.

Wanting to give families the gift given to her own, those moments of clarity and empowerment, of being their own expert and knowing what to do, motivates her. (The journey her entire family went through, along with Louloua’s personal story of growth, is told well in her book From Client to Clinician: The Transformative Power of Neurofeedback Therapy for Families Living with Autism.)

As a neurotherapist, Louloua has worked with clients worldwide and, being a new mom herself, she is newly emboldened in her mission to help families around the globe. What Louloua loves most about Lynette’s approach is how everything comes down to growth and change; the idea that forward momentum is for everyone, diagnosis or none, inspires Louloua.

Louloua Smadi has an MSc in Neuroimaging and received her neurofeedback certification (BCIA).

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