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Harm & Meltdowns

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In our first Meltdown lesson, we will look closely into what to do when violence and harm are involved and how to protect yourself. You will learn how energy is your key to everything and what are the Yes’s and No’s during a metldown. If harm and meltdowns aren’t a problem in your life at the moment, make sure to at least watch lesson 2 of this part to learn how to mitigate small everyday harmless problems from becoming meltdowns in the future.


Watch the below videos that illustrate this lesson and make sure to download the supporting PDF workbook.


Something to ponder: What do you generally do when your child is having a meltdown and is being harmful?

Lesson Takeaways

Potential reasons for meltdowns to identify:

  • Someone is talking about them in front of them
  • Someone hurt their feelings/bullied
    Sensory dislike: Smelling or sound that made them uncomfortable
  • Not getting enough compliments as they deserve
  • No one is explaining what is happening around them
  • Poor sleep or body pain/discomfort
  • Worried about failing you or others
  • Child not having the power of changing the environment

What to do during a meltdown:

  • Drop your energy: be super calm in the moment, let your energy lead the way
  • No eye contact, look at the floor, say a word but only about support
  • No lecturing or no asking questions
  • Don’t show emotion, stay calm and only show empathy and support
  • Give them time in a calm and safe environment
  • Give them what will help them feel better, be heavy, in a matter of fact way, in a slow way, first drop your energy and then solve their problem
  • The teaching/lesson comes later
  • They’re having a meltdown, i’m not in danger, I drop my energy
  • They’re having a meltdown, i’m in danger, I startle it and then i drop my energy
  • They’re having a meltdown, i’m in danger, and startling makes it worse, i drop my energy and my whole body to protect myself in a balll
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