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Compliment More Than Criticize

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In the Compliment More Than You Criticize strategy, the goal is to provide your child with regular compliments to shore up their self-esteem and belief in themselves. By maintaining a 4:1 ratio of compliments to criticism, you can help alleviate any uncertainty or self-doubt they may be experiencing and empower them to step into a space of ability. With regular encouragement and positive reinforcement, your child will be more confident in their abilities and better equipped to tackle challenges and pursue their goals with a positive attitude.


Watch the below videos to illustrate this strategy and make sure to download the supporting PDF workbook.

Something to ponder: Imagine your partner constantly says no to you, someone never saying yes or good job to you, someone only pointing out what you’re not doing right. How would that make you feel? Would that motivate you to change? Would that make you love or hate the person? Would that incite you to want to learn more? 

Lesson Takeaways

  • Shore up the strength and self image of your child while they are learning a new skill
  • Uncertainty goes away with each yes and direction and compliment
  • Love your child so they can step up
  • Sparkle your eyes and smile and share compliments and they will step into that space
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