Part 1, Lesson 1
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Your Compass

In this lesson, you will learn how to use the compass of “going for the life lesson” when you find yourself confused and uncertain about what matters most in a specific moment. This tool will bring you back to what truly matters and guide you towards making decisions that will positively impact your child’s growth and development.

Lesson Takeaways

  • Go for the life lesson no matter what the circumstance. What is the lesson that will make their life better? That’s the lesson you should always go for. 
  • Note that your life lessons change according to the circumstance, to the person and to the age.
  • You can reach your life lesson and have things that youre still struggling with
  • When you don’t know what you should teach or prioritize, your compass will bring you back to what is important at that moment, choose the one lesson that will make their life better and focus on this instead of the other less important lessons
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