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Watch the below videos regarding the life skill of washing and ablution as we move along the independence ladder.

Lesson Takeaways

  • Am I ok with this daily grind of washing and changing diapers? If not hire and go get counseling, or I get myself ok. Get out of the room if frustrated
  • Don’t let the perfection of the activity be more important than the love
  • Remind them anatomically of what to wash, encourage and step away so they don’t get prompt dependent. Pop back and in ask about areas. 
  • Start with where you are at, stay comfortable, teach clearly and correct anatomical terms
  • When inappropriate behaviors come up: your job is never over, teach to that. This isn’t a place to put down so many boundaries that you stop them, it’s the place to teach to the social rules
  • Raise the bar as you pull away so they become fully independent
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