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In this lesson, we teach communication for those who are very dependent under each category of communicating, interacting and bonding.

Watch the below videos that illustrate this lesson and make sure to download the supporting PDF workbook.

Lesson Takeaways


  • Focus on how can you work with what they’re doing to get communication
  • Reward whatever they give you, incorporate anything from sound, eyes, finger, position and consider it all communication.
  • All we want is for them to get the idea that their sounds, their behavior are saying something to us, are being our leader of action
  • If they did not participate then go somewhere else with it, open up your thinking and ask yourself, what else might they know?


  • Focus on interaction but use communication tools
  • Don’t be blinded by what your child can do, your mind is generally closed, try to look for clues, part of you wants to believe and part of you doesn’t
  • Don’t only do the thing that always works, start there but add something different


  • Can use songs, be the loving adoring coach that sees possibility as a parent
  • No pressure, just be there with them, tell them why you’re here
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