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In this lesson, we teach friendship skills for those who are very dependent under each category of bonding, interacting and communicating. 

Watch the below videos that illustrate this lesson and make sure to download the supporting PDF workbook.

Lesson Takeaways

  • Success is when you did what you wanted to do, when you stayed in the right attitude, when you flexibly moved to the right lesson, when you did not take it personal or when you took yourself away when you weren’t feeling good, success is only something you can do for yourself – incorporate the plan of your child into your desire
  • What are social/friendship skills: want and desire from each person, connecting, doing social things together, how to connect, how to add something to the relationship


  • To bond, go where the person is, What do they like?
  • Pay attention to body mannerisms and to the responses that you get
  • They get the idea of what love is by your behavior and that you are together
  • Just tell yourself bonding, don’t worry about communication


  • Leave space so they don’t feel audienced or blocked
  • You get something and you try to build on that
  • Nothing is a rejection


  • Go for communication given the opportunity, if not, then go back to bonding, still don’t drop paying attention to body mannerisms
  • 4 compliments to 1 correction: shore up their strength and self image
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