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In the Stay Connected strategy, it’s important to consider every interaction as an opportunity to create bonding, interaction, or communication. By staying connected with your child no matter what, you create a foundation of trust and support that can help you weather the ups and downs of life together. It’s crucial to presume competence and ability in your child, even if you may sometimes doubt it. Children grow and evolve, and with that, their capabilities, desires, and fears change too. By staying connected and engaged with your child, you can better understand their needs and support their growth and development over time.

Below are videos that illustrate this strategy and make sure download the supporting PDF workbook.

Something to ponder on: If you don’t believe your child can say or do things, who else will? Will they? If you’re not able to stay connected to them through the ups and downs, how will you be able to see the many attempts they make and keep on celebrating them?

Lesson Takeaways

  • Pointing, eye contact, smiling, sound, letter, word = interaction
  • Even if not sure, assume it, believe it and praise them for it
  • Those are opportunities to create connection and communication
  • Search and look for a spark in an interaction
  • It’s not about getting the interaction and context right each time, but rather it’s about keeping that interaction going and using whatever means necessary
  • Presume competence (assume they are capable) even if doubt it, while staying connected and bonded through the challenging times
  • No isn’t forever, it’s no, not right now: come at it differently, try again
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