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Redefining play

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In this lesson, we will redefine what play is and provide you with you new ways to see and use play in your day to day life. Your role as a caregiver will be magnified if you learn to use the power of play.

Below are videos to illustrate this lesson and make sure to download the support PDF workbook.

Something to ponder: Why do you think we link learning to seriousness and sitting down? Why can’t play and fun be forms of learning?

Lesson Takeaways

  • Understand toys to be a tool and know why you are using them: you don’t need them and they won’t teach your child how to talk or socialize
  • It’s not about finishing the game, it’s about using the game to teach what you want to teach
  • You don’t have to have to the answers to start, just start the game before you lose your child’s attention
  • Don’t keep asking too many questions and just dive into the game
  • Look for the clues in who they are through their play so you know how to play with them
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