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Therapies, Programs, Diets

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In this lesson, we will explore how to choose the right therapy, program or diet for you and your family. We have to take into account your preferred operating style and your definition of success which we will explore together.


Below are the videos that illustrate this lesson. Make sure to download the supporting PDF workbook.

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Lesson Takeaways

  • Use an approach that says the parent matters: if i’m happy and loving my child and comfortable in my choices, i’ll be better at them, they’ll have a nice mom with a clear head, clear conscious, big heart and better life
  • Choose the program that suits your operating style and then ask yourself if living within the structure of this methodology will be a happy event or a stressful one
  • What to teach: what i want most + what will help him be independent and happy + ignore the rest
  • Each of your lessons is a pebble going somewhere, so make sure you know where it is you are wanting them to go.
  • I define success as meeting major life goals like going from mute to verbal regardless of age. Success is what I set out to do, not what my child accomplishes.
  • Knowing how to differentiate behavior matters: when is it appropriate to act one way vs the other?
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