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Let Them Be Responsible

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In the Let Them Be Responsible strategy, it’s important to recognize that taking too much responsibility and care for your child can actually disable them and make them unaware. By allowing your child to take responsibility for their behavior, you can encourage their independence and foster a sense of accountability. It’s crucial to avoid overserving your child and instead work responsibility into their daily routine. By giving your child age-appropriate responsibilities, you can help them develop valuable life skills and build confidence in their abilities.

Watch the videos below that illustrate this strategy and make sure to download the supporting PDF Workbook.

Warm up question to ponder: What is the worst thing that could happen if you didn’t care for your child so much? Wouldn’t that natural consequence be a nice short term real life way to learn rather than making them dependent on you? What do you consider kindness and love, doing everything for them or letting them have agency?

Lesson Takeaways

  • Don’t take responsibility for his behavior, they need to know that their behavior is their responsibility
  • Are we being nice or misinformed?
  • Don’t overserve them
  • When take too much responsibility and care of them, we disable them and make them unaware
  • We need to help them to learn what is going on behind them
  • Work into into daily routine, it will feel more empowering and have a more beneficial effect on their nervous system
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