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In this lesson, we teach communication for those who are getting independent under each category of communicating, interacting and bonding.


Watch the below video that illustrates this lesson and make sure to download the supporting PDF workbook.

Lesson Takeaways

  • Sometimes we miss some words our child said: we can be so involved trying to teach bye, but they said hi, and we missed it. No big deal, just notice it. Bring it up. Bring compliments.
  • Find a word that creates action. Teach them skills that they can use that will automatically be rewarded in new environments. Peek a boo creates a game. What word can we reinforce? Don’t ever ignore a word, but think what will make their world move more?


  • They’re communicators because they interact. Accept all gestures. Try different things and see where the spark is. Sneak in words, but the word is just not where the weight is.
  • If too much questioning and talking, the game doesn’t take shape. In interaction you want to give shape


  • Talk about how much you enjoy being together, love them, and that might turn into communication.
  • If you don’t know what to do, bond, relax, be together

Spontaneous language:

  • Usually most of the time, the words come later, it’s difficult in the middle of action to say the words
  • Spontaneous language is easier than requested language. They’re learning in their rhythm.

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