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In this lesson, we teach friendship skills for those who are getting independent under each category of communicating, bonding and interacting.


Watch the below videos that illustrate this lesson and make sure to download the supporting PDF workbook.

Lesson Takeaways

  • At any time you can stop and switch between the 3 categories, if you don’t have time or it’s  not working out
  • As a parent, you have a lot of time so you can reinforce or plant a moment throughout the day without having it have to be this solid span of time
  • They made the world a better place because they spoke: makes them want to communicate VS them thinking ”I have to do what she wants so i can do what I want”
  • It can be simple: it was the ask to come this way
  • Build on approximations
  • Build, grow, give space, respond immediately
  • If you ask a question even if you didn’t mean to, give them space to show a skill that they may or may not have, we don’t want them to think that if i ask a question i don’t care if you answer
  • Spontaneous language is easier than requested
  • They see you believing and communicating and messaging in a way that is inviting


  • Doing it periodically for short bursts that doesn’t add the pressure for them to continually respond = that reinforces it’s fun to interact with me
  • Use natural consequences
  • Children are meant to control parents, teach them how to do it in a healthy way
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