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Watch the below videos regarding the life skill of eating as we move along the independence ladder.

Lesson Takeaways

  • Look for the spark that they could potentially have about food and use that to marry to eating, we want to give them a dopamine hit regarding wanting to eat
  • You may have to physically teach things like chewing: use positive reinforcements, sweet and gentle hands, and step away if get frustrated
  • Parent-first parenting: your self-comfort is most important. If you can’t today, teach another day
  • If they only eat one type of food: offer things that have the same color or crunch, take pressure off, have fun, take from their plate so you invite sharing, if your child is happy and loving and enjoying, then their resistance will go down and they will want to be a part of the activity
  • Don’t worry about cleanliness or perfect eating too much in this phase or else you shut it down. Make it easy and don’t push.
  • We don’t want resistance or total compliance from the child, the environment can create that and that is not independence.
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