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In this lesson, we teach communication for those who are almost independent under each category of communicating, interacting and bonding.


Watch the below video that illustrates this lesson and make sure to download the supporting PDF workbook.

Lesson Takeaways

  • No need to stop and play a game at this level: you did bonding and interactive communication, it’s all together at once.
  • If you see resistance, then tease them apart and find your way as a parent and don’t get lost in the confusion of the mess that happens when children have minds of their own
  • We’re bonded by talking about the actual problem through questions, because we did the other stages properly
  • If you’ve been a supporter this whole time, your child should be ok with you asking these questions, but only a bit of questioning, stop it at some point. If some part of the child sparks, then keep going but if not, stop helping them.
  • Always end on a compliment
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