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The last part to fostering independence in your child’s life at home is to address sexual health in your child. We will explore the right mindset and strategies to teach appropriate sexual behavior for your child.

Watch the below video and make sure to download the supporting PDF workbook.

Something to ponder: where did you learn about your sexual health?

Lesson Takeaways

  • Sexual health is dependent on gender, age, ability, understanding and sensory experience
  • Testosterone in adolescence: They become a different person, new body, so be understanding. Get comfortable and help them, they really just don’t know
  • Step 1: teach it’s normal and it’s ok. What do you want them to know when they get aroused? Its your job to teach
  • Step 2: make sure they have a way to release, because if not, a big violent episode is waiting to happen. Act as if and simplify what is what.
  • Step 3: teach about privacy, it’s none of our busines how they do it, as long as they learn privacy. The privacy lesson is the most important lesson of all, you want them to be able to handle themselves in private
  • When shocked: take a deep breath and say calmly: honey that’s not something you do out in the living room, that’s something you do in the bedroom. Just keep teaching that
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