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Welcome to The Heavenly Home Program, an online course specifically designed for neurodiverse families and special needs moms like you. In this program, we will be your guide to parenting your child in a therapeutic way, enabling them to thrive and reach their full potential. Our aim is to equip you with the knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to create a home environment that fosters growth, happiness, and overall well-being. We will walk you through a day-to-day recipe for interacting with your child, teaching you how to behave in a manner that will positively impact their future. 

By following our four-step process, you’ll learn how to support your child more effectively at home, and not only will we empower you to become your child’s expert, but we’ll also provide you with practical tools and strategies to make your life easier at home. From enhancing communication and sensory integration techniques to promoting learning and growth, we’ll cover it all in a holistic and compassionate manner.

Our mission is to help you create a home that is not only happy and healthy but also serves as a catalyst for your child’s development. Join us on this transformative journey, as we transform challenges into blessings and as we embark on a path that will not only enrich the lives of your children but also empower you as a parent.

Our program follows a four-step process that you can see as divided into this program’s four modules:

1) Your play the most crucial role: In this first module, we will emphasize the importance of your role as a changemaker in your child’s life

2) To foster their independence: In this module, we will focus on fostering independence in your child’s life at home.

3) & Create meaningful relationships: This module will delve into teaching friendship and communication skills to your child, enabling them to create meaningful relationships throughout their lives.

4) While helping the brain with biofeedback: In this exciting bonus module, we will delve into the fascinating relationship between physiology and behavior and introduce you to a non-invasive brain therapy called biofeedback.

Each module is divided into several parts, and each part has its respective lessons. To support you along your journey, you will find PDF workbooks attached to each lesson which we encourage you to complete and work on at your own pace.

We hope you enjoy watching the below introductory videos and start your journey full of hope.

  • Brains grow in the direction you choose

  • Children need constant immediate feedback for everything if we want their brains to grow in the direction we are intending 

  • Give a direction to the brain that you want it to follow

  • What is your focus on? 

  • Go for the life lesson no matter what the circumstance. 

  • What is the lesson that will make their life better? That’s the lesson you should always go for. 

  • Note that your life lessons change according to the circumstance, to the person and to the age. 

  • You can reach your life lesson and have things that youre still struggling with 

  • When you don’t know what you should teach or prioritize, your compass will bring you back to what is important at that moment, choose the one lesson that will make their life better and focus on this instead of the other less important lessons