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The last part to enabling your child to create meaningful relationships throughout their lives is to explore a different way to teach academis skills. We will explore how real-life experiences can be used as opportunities to teach academic skills, such as reading, writing and maths. 

Below are the lessons that will help you generalize academics effectively. Make sure to download the supporting PDF workbook.

Lesson Takeaways

  • Play can be used to generalize academics

Money is math:

  • Using real life motivation and real life experiences tied to having to pay will help understand numbers
  • Create relationship between paying and wallet: Let them be responsible for knowing if they have money with them or if they need to go home, while giving choices and control, in simple things


  • Make up games that offer a variety of reading and spelling opportunities
  • Let them see the word in different ways: separating the word makes it easier to read then word after word
  • Who believes they read? It’s hard to get people to believe in your child reading and their abilities. If they can’t read in one way correctly, it doesn’t mean that they can’t read
  • Give them lots of choices on which way to type
  • Use motivators for why they should type and read, give it meaning

Flexibility at school:

  • The worry of “If I allow this now, he will do it forever”: There is nothing to worry about as long as you give a meaning of why, be clear of what is the goal at the moment
  • If we let them be comfortable doing the things they want to do, they will be happier, more comfortable and independent: with this power at school, they get to want to go to school, vs having to go to school
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